Which Phone suits your job?

Samsung, Huawei and Apple

There is a difference between private phones and the phone that you use at work. Sometimes, both of them are one and the same phone, but there are people that have a separate device for work-related use and private use. You can find a smartphone at Read honest reviews of here. But which phone is the best option for a device that suits your work?

New Smartphones by AppleSamsung, Huawei and Apple

Every couple of months, there is a new device that is a new device launched by one or even a couple of smartphone manufacturers. A few players on the market are Samsung, Huawei and Apple. Apple’s latest addition assortment is the Apple iPhone 8, available in various colours. Soon, they will be followed by the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xr. These devices are said to have the longest battery power ever. It also has the largest display. There is a Face ID that keeps your memory safe by recognising your face and only logging in when the face recognition is complete. It has over 512GB storage and is, therefore, able to contain all of the documents that you need when you have a conference or are on a business trip. You can also link the smartphone to an iMac, MacBook and/or iPad so all of your files and photos are synchronised.

Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is another relatively new mobile phone produced by Samsung. They have, however, already announced the Samsung Galaxy S10. Simultaneously, they announced something even more special: the Galaxy Fold. This device can be opened like a book. When opened, you can use it as a tablet while the closed version still offers anything a regular smartphone has to offer. It’ll be a revolutionary device and sounds ideal for businessmen who usually carry around both a smartphone and a tablet.

Other Brands

Of course, there are other mobile devices that are worth looking at. Nokia, best known for their almost indestructible cell phones, still has a few new devices to offer. The Nokia 3.1 Plus, Nokia 2 V and Nokia 7.1 are a few of the examples. Sony is also going strong with a Sony Xperia fanbase that is, although a bit smaller than the fanbase of Apple and Samsung, still loyal. The Sony Ericson is also still there, even though the phone looks different than years before when the brand was very popular.

Mobile Phone Subscriptions

Your mobile phone subscription should depend on the way that you use your phone. If you are a businessman or businesswoman and have a lot of calls to make every day, then you might consider a real subscription containing internet data, calling abroad, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. Handymen who only need to be accessible to their customers can probably make do with a prepaid subscription that only charges the phone calls that you make yourself. The same goes for (web)shop owners. Their customer service department will be called by their customers, but unless they make frequent calls to suppliers, they will not use a lot of calling minutes themselves.