Kids Couture Fashion- How Slaylibrity does it

As we already know and is a widely accepted fact that kid’s couture is an untapped market with a great potential. With sites like Slaylibrity and their special segment for kids called ‘Slay My Bambini’ children can get their desired looks whatever it may be. From mature and innocent to funky as well as mother-daughter twinning Slaylibrity has it all in various options along with a promise of quality. “Dress your princess in a luxuriant style handcrafted with precision and exquisite tailoring. Whether you want her to dazzle in a designer gown or swirl in the stunning lace dresses, we are the kid couture boutique where you’ll find it all!”

The type of styles they offer for kids couture fashion:

  • The Pink Princess, it is shiny, glamorous Pink dress with a sequined top and puff pink half shirt in the front and long frills in the back with a complementary tiara which will definitely make a girl not just look but also feel like a princess.
  • Look 01-36 this simple grey dress id the definition of beauty within the bounds of simplicity, covered in flowers on the shoulders and the rear side of the dress with a soft tutu-type shirt turns a girl into a flower queen.

  • Look 01-35 the cream two peaces set foe every baby girl that wishes to a woman of power one day it would look elegance seems an understatement for this amazing dress. It is a baby pink knee length shirt with a full sleeve jacket having white flowers sewn o the edges of both of them.
  • DS Mini-02 these handmade shades made with certified stones will look fabulous on and kid. It is guaranteed to make your little ones look like a superstar.
  • Look 01-27 this stunning dress is a work of sliver on the top with a huge silver bow at the waist and silver attachment on the shoulders and silver pattern work on the border of a net upper layer on a soft white skirt a dress who undoubtly would make people mistake your kid for a queen.
  • Look 1-16 the perfect dress for a mommy and daughter or twins ‘twinning’ outfit they are simple yet sort of funky pink dresses with glimmer grey tops and bow on the back it is available in gold as well and are delivered with a matching head set.

These are just some of it you can check out more of such amazing outfits for kids couture fashion on Slayibrity in their ‘Slay MY Bambini’ section. Enjoy Shopping!