Best features for reasonable price

Earlier people used the phones only for talking. However, these days the technology has advanced a lot. When we talk about buying a new phone we look for various features like the camera, size of the screen, storage, fastness of the phone etc. These days we are getting very good features for very less price. There are some best upcoming phones under 10000, which are giving you the best value for money.

best upcoming phones under 10000

What to expect in a Smartphone?

The Smartphone is the one, which is almost like a mini computer to you. Now a day you are able to do almost everything that you do in your computer. When we talk about computer, the basic requirement that we look for is the processor, how many cores does it use to perform a task efficiently and quickly. Basically it goes by the rule, the more cores it has the faster will be the processing speed. The speed of the mobile also depends on the RAM. Most of the new phones are coming with 4 GB RAM. Hence, pretty fast speed. Everyone’s also crazy about the internal memory. Most of the best upcoming phones under 10000 have 4 GB RAM and the internal memory is around 16 GB to 32 GB. Some phones have an extra slot to extend the memory, whereas some phones don’t have. Always check for the extendable memory slot too, you never know when you would need it. .We also looks for the size of the screen, and the weight of the phone. These days’ people look for bigger screen sizes and lighter weighing phones. Then let’s discuss the most important feature called the selfie. Everyone wants the best camera for various purposes. The phones cameras these days mostly range from 13 MP to 8 MP front cameras. You could also imagine a pretty decent quality picture with an 8 MP camera. Some phones come with only one flash, but some of them do have the flash for the front camera.

Other helpful features

The first and foremost feature to look for is the battery life, i.e. how long does the battery supports in a day. Does long time usage heats up the phone. We could also check for the speaker quality of the phone. Always check for GPS accessibility on the phone. These days palm gesture features are becoming pretty common. Take a look at other features like the Bluetooth, maps accuracy. Last but not the least we should check for the warranty of various parts of the phone.

The phones should be reliable, durable and safe to use. Explore all the features carefully before buying a phone. These days most of the phones are on display in the stores; hence get hands on experience before buying a phone. After all we have to get the value for our money.