Fortnite Stats – An Essential Wedge For Gamers

Are you a gamingenthusiast? Do you like to keep a record of every match you played and every battle and arena you won? Here is the catch; fortnite presents you the fortnite trackers which allow you to keep a check on the number of your wins and satisfy your craving to be aware of your rank amidst the other online gamers.It allows you to check your progress in this online battle-survival online game.

What are FPS trackers?

The FPS trackers allow you to maintain the records of all your performances along with the highest scores of your matches. One can easily compare his or her gaming performance with friends and relatives, thus finding the loopholes in his or her gaming. It actsas a catalogue for checking one’s gaming experience which becomes a part of the stats updated every hour. A person can look into the types of games he or she played by peeping into the match history and keeping a list of matches currently being played by him or her.

Role of leaderboards

On the other hand, leaderboards help you in observing the count of wins and achievements of all the players.Various fortnite trackers like CGSO and battlefield have been programmed for the same purpose. The players compete fiercely amongst themselves in order to secure the top spots of standing leaderboards of every series to later compete for the ultimate title of the winner. The leaderboard gets refreshed and updated within every hour to motivate players to compete and qualify for the next match. One can check the progress of his or her friends in the leaderboard which urges them to play more matches and beat their high scores. One can filter various leaderboards of wins and kills either by console or region.

Utility of updated stats

The fortnite stats updated every hour showcase number of kills,wins,matches played,k/d ratio, win rate as well as score of the engaged fortnite player all over the world. The stats tracking process keeps on changing and evolving with the development of every new games and versions. The gamers as per their requirements can hide their fortnite stats from other gamers. The regularly updated and properly recorded stats also provide information regarding the highest scores, number of kills and wins along with the player’s name and KD ratio.