Get to know how egg donation is made

Don’t get frightened if you are really willing to donate eggs because the egg donation process is that easy. The egg donors will never get pain or any future problems regarding health. People who are ready to donate their egg must be properly educated about the process which involves in donating. Here are some of the important points of what is happening during the process of egg donation.

Step 1

The initial step of becoming an egg donor is that, you must fill a form that you are interested in becoming the egg donor. After getting to know more about you from a simple interview, step 2 gets started without big issues.

Step 2

If you are chosen to donate egg, then you should meet the intended parent’s physician and undergo some of the screening tests. You will be tested for hormone levels and other physical conditions to check whether you can be the right donor for intended parent. The donor must work for 6 to 10 weeks and undergo some of the medicines for donating the egg.

Step 3

The medication cycle happens in this step. Some of the donor medications will be injected in your eggs. Just some small level injections are used for injecting your eggs to get matured in short period of time. It is very essential to undergo some of the injections which are less painful. The donor will be diagnosed at regular intervals to check whether there is proper egg development.

Step 4

The donor will undergo some of the other physical tests to retrieve the matured eggs which are safe inside the ovaries. Only proper physician will inject a needle in the walls of your ovaries to retrieve the matured eggs which will take some 20 to 30 minutes. You will need a companion or a friend to accompany you on egg retrieval date.

The process is very simple and you need not worry about any of the health problems happening to you. It is really good for you to donate an egg just to make others happy. Start donating your egg to create new lives in earth.